Zuverlässige Security-Lösungen

Wir bieten Ihnen als Dienstleister für Sicherheitstechnik zuverlässigen Schutz von Menschen und Sachwerten vor Ereignissen wie Einbruch, Brand, Vandalismus oder Diebstahl. Zusammen mit Ihnen entwickeln wir einen Mix aus Vorbeugung, Überwachung und Alarmierung.


Video Surveillance

We combine video technology, thermal imaging with artificial intelligence to enhance security and optimize business performance. Safety-critical events are reliably detected. In addition, access control systems guarantee that only authorised persons may gain access.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables us to process enormous volumes of data in the blink of an eye and to put it to profitable use. AI doesn't just automate processes, but learns how to keep improving them.

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Perimeter Protection

Our security specialists offer a range of perimeter protection solutions to suit small businesses and large enterprises. We deliver highly effective solutions to protect the perimeter of your high-security facility.

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Security Robots

We offer robots & drones for defense, security and surveillance. With artificial intelligence, security robots can protect company premises, warehouses, construction sites or other buildings.

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Access Control

Access control is the first line of defense when it comes to the security of your property. Make your building or premises secure and efficient with electronic access control systems. We deliver the most innovative and comprehensive access control solutions and can meet the requirement of any size company.

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Wir denken Sicherheit neu und einfach

GT.AI hat sich auf professionelle Sicherheitskonzepte spezialisiert und bietet Ihnen einzigartige, vernetzte Technologien in Ihrem geschäftlichen, sowie privaten Umfeld.



Our security risk analysis provides the necessary insights into potential threats. We evaluate areas of vulnerability, inefficiency and at-risk spaces with respect to security systems. Once an assessment is made, we develop a tailor-made and vendor-agnostic security digitization concept.



Rely on our experts for standard and detailed designs for robust, secure and dependable security such as intelligent video surveillance, detecting fence systems, access controls or the use of the latest robotic and drone technology. High quality solutions - from one source with neutral suppliers - sets a clear path towards enhanced security measures.



We install the necessary hardware and software required for the operation of your security systems. With our expertise in security technology, system integration and software development we ensure smooth implementation. Process efficiencies are achieved by centralizing disparate systems and integrating them as the brain of our security management structure.



We also support you during operation. Our service and data technicians ensure that the security technology always functions reliably. Our services are available around the clock.



Become an expert in security technology by attending our trainings, seminars and workshops.

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GT.AI ist Ihr Spezialist für technologiebasierte Security-Lösungen. Sie erhalten neben führender Sicherheitstechnologie einen aufrichtigen Partner, auf den Sie sich jederzeit verlassen können.

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